Who benefits – Where your Donations go

Drugs and alcohol are a serious threat to the future health and well being of Aussie kids.

This is why your support for Ocsober is so vital.

Ocsober raises funds for Healthy Harold and Life Education’s drug and health education programs that support and strengthen primary and secondary schools drug and health initiatives.

The money you raise will go directly to assist Life Education to teach more children the skills and the knowledge for safer, healthier lives.

As Australia’s largest non government provider of drug and health education to children, Life Education alongside Healthy Harold works in partnership with more than 3,500 schools and reaches 600,000 children each year with important messages to help keep them safe.

But many children are missing out on this vital program, and that is where your support can make such a difference.

You can help us make a difference, one child at a time:

  • When you raise $28 you’re helping us to reach a child in a remote community
  • When you raise $63, you’re helping us to teach five vulnerable children about the dangers of alcohol misuse
  • Raise $135 and you can subsidise ten children from a disadvantaged school so they can access the Life Education program for the first time
  • Raise $219 and you’re enabling us to deliver an important alcohol and drug education message to a classroom of secondary school students
  • Raise $1,070 and you’re helping to teach 100 primary school children how to stay safe on the internet, from bullies and online predators
  • If you raise at least $2,283, you’re providing health, alcohol and drug education to a small school in regional Australia

All donations to Ocsober of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Go on, join Ocsober now!